The Hidden Psychology of Gaming

By March 27, 2015Ideas, Insights

Big thinkers from Ayogo, Zynga and XEO Design- some of the biggest gamification experts in the world are all on one stage to talk about The Hidden Psychology of Gaming.
Watch this hour-long, in-depth video on the core elements of good design for social gaming, and the underlying psychology of gaming.
Recorded at Casual Connect in Seattle in 2011,  Demetri Detsaridis, Michael Fergusson (CEO, Ayogo) and Nicole Lazzaro (CEO, XEODesign) discussed the overlap between behavioral psychology and game design and development, as well as the possibilities of better employing psychological insights in the creation of games.

If you find the psychology of games interesting, read the latest thinking on Playful Design by downloading Ayogo’s White Paper:

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